Watch Netflix to improve your English skills

Andrea Carriero, EFL Teacher, Uruguay

22 March 2016

The majority of the English learners consider that learning a new language is sometimes boring and difficult because for them everything is all about learning grammar exercises, listening practices and attending to regular classes. But after reading this article you will see how watching your favorite TV shows can become an amazing way to learn.

The first thing you need in order to learn English the right way is to keep yourself motivated and if you start to watch your favorite TV shows, series and movies in English, you will have a fun and enjoyable learning practice. The second element to add to the list is to have a regular and daily practice of the language, something that you can achieve easily if you start to watch at least one hour of television in English per day through your phone, tablet or any technological device.

And the most important aspect is that you will acquire cultural fluency because you will learn popular idioms and expressions, and you will learn the culture of the language by studying and analyzing the intonation, pronunciation and word formation.

Once you have decided to sit on your couch and watch Netflix in English, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Pick a scene from the show or movie that you are watching.
  2. Try to write down all the nouns, adjectives, verbs and common expressions that you hear.
  3. Then write the complete sentences and check the meaning of each word.
  4. Watch the scene again with the English subtitles and complete the missing and misspelled words that you might have.
  5. Repeat out loud the entire scene in order to practice the intonation and pronunciation.

Top 6 best Netflix series to watch and learn English

The Walking dead

Leaving the suspense and the terrifying zombies aside, this show is perfect to learn about regular English conversations. The language is easy and you can learn how to form different sentences in a practical way. This show will help you to improve your word formation and sentence structure in English.

Mad men

The English used on this show is proper and old fashioned. It is a nice option to learn more about the culture and history of the United States, and also to get in touch with classic vocabulary and customs. In Mad men you will have several characters to practice their conversations and write different dialogues.

Once you have decided to sit on your couch and watch Netflix in English, we recommend you to follow these steps

Breaking bad

It is a great option if you want to learn more vocabulary related to science and chemistry and you like to watch series with drugs and suspense involved. Even though the vocabulary is a little bit complex it will help you to improve your listening skills.

House of Cards

If you love politics and being inside of the political structures of the State, then this show is the perfect option for you. The language is accessible and complex at the same time, and you will learn many American idioms and customs. Through this particular show you will hear different American accents and will have the opportunity to learn different vocabulary and new words every day.

Orange is the new black

Learning English with this particular TV show is enriching because you will get in touch with a lot of American slang words and at the same time you will be able to learn legal vocabulary related to law, crime and justice. Also you have different female voices to practice intonation marks and pronunciation.

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